Chicory Treat

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Chicory Treat

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Chicory Treat

Heavy Body that is smokey and sweet.


This coffee blend is a combination of our French Roast and Red River Blend mixed with roasted chicory.  It provides a great balance between smokey, earthy and sweetness. 

Fun Tip: "Chicory" is also the common name in the United States for curly endive. 

Aroma: Smoky
Taste: Sweet
Body: Heavy
Finish: ??
Roast: Dark

Blend: French Roast, Red River Blend and chicory

Quasi History Tip: Louisiana's fondness for this classic southern coffee experience might have started during the Civil War. The French already had well established trade routes from coffee plantations in the Caribbean to the New Orleans port but it was the Union's naval blockades cutting off shipments and preventing distributions of goods that forced locals to ration their coffee.  I am sure Louisianan's were saying "We ain't got time for that!", so they improvised by adding chicory to extend their coffee supply.